Procurement & Outsourcing Services


“AIC Management is your single point of contact, and provides an extensive range of procurement/services for your needs. We offer an end to end solution; that delivers significant cost savings to offshore projects and suppliers.”

AIC Management provide savings to help grow your business.

Sourcing and supply is one of our core competencies. By utilizing AIC Management, as a procurement partner, you can focus on your business.

Procurement & Outsourcing Services

Asian Supplier Base

Strategic sourcing abilities to identify and procure all items.

Low cost country sourcing from most Asian countries.

An extensive supplier network that providers documented savings


Multiple Orders for multiple products simplifies and minimizes our clients administration and management costs.

Dedicated Options to meet/achieve lead times, availability, and currency requirements.

Multi Sourced Items are consolidated locally, prior to delivery to our clients' sites.

Account Management

AIC Management provides a single point of contract for multiple supply solution.

In house technical design and expertise ensures procured items are manufactured and supplied in accordance with required code of practice or country specific design standards.

External Design Support.