Design Services for Manufacturing and Clean Room Facilities


AIC Management - UPC affiliation also provides services for the design and management for high technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing/production facilities, and clean rooms.

We are engaged in the designs services for:

  • Process tools
  • Gas systems from source to point of use
  • Gas control systems
  • Total process design
  • Installation overview
  • As-built drawings

AutoCAD 2000 and Solid Edge are our design platforms. We design most of our work using 3D scale format. We have a library of over 8000 pre-designed drafts which we are constantly expanding for use in our drawings. This system enables us to make a prototype design on the computer and check its form, fitness and function prior to commencing the manufacturing process. This library is also very helpful for the client as it allows viewing on a scale likeness of the product before it is constructed in order to check both compability and human engineering factors.

Procurement & Outsourcing Services

Our system also generates a complete list of required materials upon the completion of the design by selecting the drawing attributes of the individual components and compiling the data. This provides more accurate price quotations and reduces the possibilities of overlooking items during the purchasing process.

We use our design system for both manufacturing our products and installation work, supplying detailed isometric sheets for fit-up, hook-up, mains and sub mains. Our designers receive the information from our on site personnel who supply extremely detailed and exact data. This makes us more competitive and reduces the lead-time in the design and manufacturing process.