Biopharmaceutical & Technology


“AIC Management Consultants through our joint venture with UPC-IJL from Hong Kong provide for turnkey design and engineering solutions for biopharmaceutical and high technology applications.”

Procurement & Outsourcing Services

This affiliation combines the in-house design/engineering disciplines of AIC Management Consultants and UPC-IJL experience in overall project execution; to provide and support key aspects of the entire project execution from conceptual plant design through detailed design and construction; into plant operation.

This overall understanding and effective management of the entire business processes provides for an integrated environment in; which cost savings are achieved and programme delays are minimised.

Our line of process tools includes:

  • Services offered by the Joint venture Include
  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Engineering and schematics
  • Integrated plant design
  • Process coordination
  • Materials management and control
  • Plant analysis